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Faster and Smoother Skull Shaver Pitbull: 

You can save more quickly than ever before Skull Shaver Pitbull Baron blades. You can shave in any direction with it, thanks to its multidirectional rotary shaving heads. Shave whichever seems most comfortable for you—up, down, left, or right.

Shave Anywhere, Anytime, and Without a Mess

Hair shavings are collected by blades inside their sizable shaving chambers. You can always get a clean shave since the hair remains off your skin and clothes. Keep one handy for a fast on-the-go shave in your vehicle, workplace, or private aircraft.

Excellent Performance

Premium Japanese stainless steel that is hypoallergenic is used to make blades. Compared to our previous generation of blades, they provide 20% more cutting action every revolution. You’ll get the longest blade lifespan and optimal performance if you keep the precision blades clean.

Outstanding Contouring

While you shave, skull shaving blades conform particularly to your head or face. Each floating blade may be contoured 360 degrees and is positioned in a flexing head that adapts automatically to smaller or bigger curves. 

Less Irritants

These blades are loaded by a spring. In order to significantly lessen irritation, the springs maintain the ideal amount of pressure against your skin. If you do apply too much pressure, the shaver will also slow down, providing you with an auditory cue to apply less pressure.

Enhanced Cleaning

Removable blades are quick to remove, making it simple to thoroughly clean both the interior and outside of your blades. The blade design collects hair shavings from your skin and clothes as well as inside the shaving chambers.



Shave Dry or Wet: 

Our shavers handle both wet and dry shaving with no problem. Shave using oil, foam, or shaving cream. For the closest shave possible, we advise using shaving cream when wet shaving. You can shave in the shower with the Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss shavers since they are water-proof.


Pitbull, Palm, and Butterfly Kiss Shavers are among the models that can use Baron PRO blades. Use It to Get the Best Results.

Why You Use That Skull Shaver Pitbull? : 

Use short, circular strokes to move the razor for optimal results. Regularly wash the blades in a basin of water or a skull shaver rinse stand. Simply dunk the moving blades in water on occasion while shaving.

  • The Baron blade is ideal for those with delicate skin since it is built with a third foil ring for increased closeness and quickness.

  • Close, quick shaving is made possible by individually flexing blades.

  • A rapid-twist locking system allows for quick and easy blade changes.Blades draw hair inward for a clean cut.

  • Easily opens for easy cleaning

  • Compatible with all Pitbull, Palm, and Fierce razors.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Features:


  • 360-degree floating, superior cutting profile;

  • Next-generation blade;

  • Removable, washable blade;

  • Made from premium Japanese steel