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Get your Business Growing

ClassiAds is a perfect platform for anyone looking to expand their business and get more clients by selling products, services or even creating deals on ClassiAds. Let us be your business advertising partners to take your business to the next level you always wanted.

Whatever Business are into, our motto is to bring huge sale opportunities and genuine traffic to your ads, deals and your Website.

Why choose ClassiAds ?

Huge base of Potential Clients

We give you a platform of thousands of visitors which keeps increasing day by day. Our aim is to get new visitors every day which is so useful and beneficial for your business bringing huge sales.

Flexibility : Create your own Deals / Post a Deal


Unlike any other website, we give you the freedom to create your own Deals which are quickly reviewed by our Deals Consultants and we aim to get your Deal active within 12 – 48 hours of you posting the Deal. All you do it Post a Deal on our Website and see it getting up and running within 12 – 48 hours. You may tick on a Featured Deal while filling Post a Deal form, for the deal to stand out. All it costs is £4 one off charge.

Fees for Deals

GOOD NEWS! It’s absolutely free to put your Deal on our Website. We only charge you an Advertisement fee when there is a Sale on your Deal or a Deal Voucher. Like other Websites or Companies we do not charge you a fortune. We only charge a nominal 10% of the Total Sale amount Per Deal and we do not keep you waiting for months in order to be paid. Can you believe it? It’s 10% of the Deal Amount. At times, the Advertisement fee OR percentage charge is negotiated with the Deal Merchant before the Deal goes LIVE. At the end of the Day, we believe in giving service to our Merchants and Businesses we work with.

Create your Ads / Post an Ad

You can advertise on our Website free of charge. All you have to do it click on Post an Ad and start filling details of your Business. Whatever you are selling whether a product or a service, feel free to Advertise on our Website. If you want your Ad to stand out, you may choose a Featured Ad.

Exclusivity on VIP Ads and VIP Deals

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Guess what, we have something better to offer which no one does. We give your business Exclusivity in your area. So if you choose to take any of our VIP ads or VIP deals, you would be the only ‘ONE’ in that category to advertise within 10 miles of your Business. You can choose the location of your VIP Ad or VIP Deal from our selection and we can offer you a tailored package for the same.

Just imagine your Business getting noticed by thousands of people everyday and the best thing is, you have no competition in your Area. Isn’t that great!

Earn while you sleep. We market you.

We give you the opportunity to earn literally 24 hours a day as we work tirelessly to get you more clients day and night. We do the marketing for you.