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ClassiAds is a UK Classified Ads and Business Listing website where you can buy or sell, barter, advertise used and/or new products, services & create & sell attractive deals on ClassiAds to attract more customers to your business OR if you are someone who is always hunting for the best deals in your local area or nationwide. You have come to the right place.

Have been waiting for a good Spa deal? Bored of your old car?

  • Searching for a new vehicle?
  • Rent a place?
  • Just looking for great deals
  • Discounts, products or services?

If you are looking to do any of the above or anything else at all, ClassiAds.co.uk is the right platform for you.

We update our deals section on a daily basis, so keep looking out for new discounts and deals everyday.

Uk classified

⇒ Guess what, we have something better to offer which no one does. We give your business Exclusivity in your area. So if you choose to take any of our VIP ads or VIP deals, you would be the only ‘ONE’ in that category to advertise within 15 miles of your Business. You can choose the location of your VIP Ad or VIP Deal from our selection and we can offer you a tailored package for the same.

Just imagine your Business getting noticed by Thousands of people everyday and the best thing is, you have no competition in your Area. Isn’t that great!

⇒ Another unique feature that makes us different is that you make & create your own deals and post it on our Website and our Deals Consultant reviews it within no time and your deal is all set to go LIVE usually within 12 -48 hours depending on the size & quantity of the Deal. We do not charge you any fee to put your Deal or Advert since the best things in life are FREE.


UK Classified

And if you want your Ads or Deals to stand out from the crowd, do not forget to tick the Featured Ad button while filling the Post an Ad or Post a Deal form. The good news is that we do not charge you to put Website links and Youtube videos on any of our Ads.

You only pay when you put up a Featured AD/ Featured Deal, VIP Ad/ VIP Deal and when the deals are sold.

We not only give you the best deals available out there but our model works in best interest for both businesses and consumers as they can share a platform to offer the best and also receive only the best.

⇒ We also spread love in form of Gifts & Goodies to our chosen customers for their loyalty. We choose some lucky winners by a random selection to win loads of goodies every month. All you have to do is register, advertise with us and participate in our ongoing contests. You can check out our Contests on our Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

You are free to Post as many free Ads as you like but we request you not to duplicate any ads as duplicate ads may deleted.

Make a profile today and enjoy Exciting deals, the benefits of getting your items sold or buying preloved or new items with the blink of an eye.

You have the privilege of liking and reviewing the items, services & deals in the listings.

What You get?

  • Exposure to thousands & millions of People
  • Get to WIN amazing goodies and vouchers
  • Best Deals in the Country
  • Fast buying and selling of items and services
  • More sales and opportunity to grow your Business

Why Post an Ad on ClassiAds?

  • Nationwide Exposure
  • Since we have a policy to only have one of each category for our premium ads, you are definitely likely to get more business.
  • Post Free Ads. If you are thinking of selling something then you may go to Post a Deal and we advertise for you.
  • Like and Review Ads
  • User friendly website. Simple to use
  • Win FREE vouchers and goodies every now & then
  • Great price on Urgent and Featured Ads
  • Get VIP Ads and get your Business noticed by thousands of people in the UK.
  • We market your Ads for you.
  • We grow your Business

Why Post a Deal on ClassiAds?

  • Nationwide Exposure
  • Post Free Deals. That’s rite. You do not pay anything to Post a Deal.
  • Free to use.
  • We only charge you when there is a Sale. We charge a nominal percentage of the total Sale amount per Deal and we do not keep you waiting for months in order to be paid.
  • Easy to use
  • Win FREE vouchers and goodies every now & then
  • Great price on Urgent and Featured Ads
  • Get VIP Deals and get your Deals noticed more by thousands of people in the UK.
  • We market your Deals for you.
  • We grow your Business


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