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Frequently Asked Questions



    What is Post an Ad? How to Post an Ad?

    Use Post an Ad when you want to sell something, buy something, looking for something etc. It’s very simple to use. Just click on Post an Ad and choose the right category and fill details of your Ad.


    How long will my Ad will active on the Website?

    Once your Ad goes LIVE, it will be on LIVE/active on the Website for 30 days. We can always report it for you after the expiry date. In case you want a Featured Ad to be renewed, you will again have to pay £4 charge after the expiry of the Ad.


    What is a Featured Ad?

    Featured Ad is a tag that you can buy for £4 only. This tag makes your Deal stand out. You can select this option at the time of filling the Post a Ad form. Don’t worry if you have missed it. You can always email us at [email protected] to upgrade your Ad to a Featured Ad.


    What is a VIP Ad?

    We give your Business, exclusivity in your area. So if you choose to take any of our VIP Ads, you would be the only ‘ONE’ in that category to advertise within 10 miles of your Business. You can choose the location of your VIP Ad from our selection and we can offer you a tailored package for the same.
    Just imagine your Business getting noticed by thousands of people everyday and the best thing is, you have no competition in your Area. Isn’t that great!