Mask N95, Dust Kn95 Air Pollution


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United Kingdom



Mar 20


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  • 2, 3D contour design, built-in adjustable nose clip, with soft foam, suitable for almost any shape of the face. The elastic ear hook has sufficient elasticity, can be sealed well, is not tight, the valve is soft, breathes easily, and it will not cause fog when wearing glasses.
  • 1, N95 protection level. High-tech filters out almost 98% of airborne particulates, dust, bacteria, seasonal allergies, smoke, automobile exhaust, PM 2.5 polluted ash.
  • 5, versatile, low breathing resistance: this mask filter can effectively resist all particulate aerosols including oil, suitable for all face shapes and sizes, can adapt to larger facial movements when speaking, when not in use Easy to store for comfort and style.
  • 4, skin-friendly materials, made of high-quality cotton and non-woven fabrics, soft texture, comfortable materials will not rub your face.
  • 3. Reliable protection and excellent comfort, can be reused. The N95 filter is made of comfortable materials that won’t rub / injure your face and cosmetics. Suitable for all ages, men and women; used for work, running and cleaning.