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Mobile Saunas

Individually made VIP Spa Zone outdoor mobile saunas with a wide variety of options. We make and sell wooden saunas with the possibility to complete them according to personal wishes, needs, and capabilities. Both layout and accessories are available. Available in different widths. The versatile shape of the sauna perfectly matches the interior of any garden. You can fit the interior in any style you like and, if you decide to buy a non-impregnated product, coat the exterior with the color of your choice.

You can choose from different size, shape, layout and accessories! We have:

       * 5 mobile sauna shapes (Oval, Pod, Vertical, Barrel and Box)

        *Sizes from 2 to 6 meter

       * Wood (spruce and thermowood)

      *  Electric and wood burning heater

     *   Different options of window, door and other accessories.


Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Individually made outdoor hot tubs. We have:

* 3 wood types (spruce, larch, and thermowood);

* sizes from 2 to 10 people;

* oval, round, conical-shaped tubs;

* 3 heater types (internal, external and internal with external heater);

* different accessories (steps, edge, color)


If you know what you want just tell us and we will make it. If you do not know what you want no problem, we can help you to choose the best product according to your lifestyle, location, etc..

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