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How do I apply for a Payday Loans of £100?


First of all, use our online calculator to decide on the loan period you’d like to borrow £100 for – we offer 33 weeks. Once you’ve decided on that, fill in our two minute online loan application. When we receive your details, we’ll give you a call to arrange for an agent to visit you in your own home. They’ll call around at a time that suits you and together you’ll go through all the details of the loan. Once everything is in place, they’ll simply hand over the £100 you’d like to borrow in cash.


Calculating your loan

 If you’re looking for a payday loans of £100, or any amount between £50 and £1000, we can help. Use our calculator to find out how much your weekly payments would be over each of the repayment options available. Set the lending amount to £50 (or however much you want to borrow) and select the repayment period which suits you.


At Payday Lendz, we understand that it can be difficult to make ends meet at times – especially when unexpected costs crop up. Our service is designed to be convenient to you, with a friendly lender, local to your area discussing your doorstep payday loans options in your own home. Because we get to know your needs, you won’t be treated as another customer on a list – we’ll be able to help you choose a loan that’s suitable for your individual circumstances. We won’t surprise you with any hidden charges. You can talk through any concerns you may have when you meet with your lender and your door to door loans will be tailored specifically to your situation. What’s more, even if your circumstances change, we won’t charge you any more than what was initially agreed.

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