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While fashions evolve with trends, the worktop retains pride of place over the seasons and asserts itself as an essential ingredient in a designer, practical and functional kitchen. Thick or thin, focusing on geometry, colors, heights and materials, the worktop easily breaks the monotony. Discover without further delay our selection of worktops that will meet everyone’s tastes, desires and budget. Grab these amazing kitchen designs and apply them to your new kitchen. Connect directly with our expert and get a free quote instantly.

A resin worktop

A new darling of planners and decorators, synthetic resin seduces with its many attractions. Aesthetic, resistant, hygienic and very easy to maintain, it is surfing the trend of waxed concrete and is permanently installed in our kitchens. As for the finishes, the choice is vast: mat, satin, nuanced or shiny, there is something for everyone.

A white marble worktop

This season, marble is making a big comeback in our interiors. Noble, elegant, timeless, and very robust, white veined marble gains in lightness and brings sobriety and minimalism to this contemporary and trendy kitchen.

A tiled worktop

Offering elegance and ease of maintenance, tiling is a classic in the decoration of our kitchens. In a large or small format, it will give your space an impression of size and space. We like here its total brown look for a very gourmet effect.

A zinc worktop

Follower of vintage decoration or industrial style, succumb to the charm of this zinc worktop set on a pine board. It will give your kitchen a very trendy Parisian bistro touch.

A stainless steel worktop

To give an allure to your kitchen, you opt for a stainless steel worktop. If it is the great favorite of professionals because of its strength and ease of maintenance, it will also be combined with all styles of designer furniture, contemporary or authentic.

A quartz worktop

Resistance and elegance characterize this worktop made of Caesar Stone, a stone composed of 93% natural quartz. Mineral and refined, you will be seduced by its very fine texture and its almost unalterable surface. A truly exceptional material!