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United Kingdom

United Kingdom


Mar 19

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I am a fully qualified Maths teacher with over 25+ years teaching in secondary schools and teach age 11-16.

Home Schooling

Due to the current situation, I am (like many other teachers) acutely aware of how much students will fall behind in their work in the coming months! It’s really important that we don’t let that happen!

Due to everything that’s going on, I will be moving my tutoring online and cutting my rates to half price (£18-£25 per hour) for 1 to 1 online sessions. Group sessions available too – simply contact me!

During these sessions I will teach and deliver content as well as work through examples and give exam questions/answers to students. All students need is a laptop/tablet for this to work and a notepad at home. I will also supply homework/resources to each student based on ability.

Lessons during traditional school hours will be available!

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Thank you!