Live-in Female Facesitter Sought

  • Live-in Female Facesitter Sought
  • London W4, UK

    United Kingdom



    Jan 1

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    Successful city professional in my mid 30s with own pad in London.

    Educated within highly academic disciplines, considered physically attractive. Not into casual encounters in the slightest.

    Seeking a beautiful young lady (inside and out: yes personality is very important) with a predilection for facesitting.

    To paraphrase: A girl who just loves the idea of straddling face, sipping on icy pink bubbly* and rocking the night way to orgasmic heaven would be my dream girl.

    Accommodation can be provided free of charge. Looking make my offer available to the right-girl on a longer term basis.

    Apply herein with details along with some photographs.

    Only seeking one girl. Are you that one?


    *p.s. It need not be icy pink bubbly; any liquor – or even liqueur of your choice, from your soon to be very personal licker of choice.