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Jul 15


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Finding an emergency accommodation option that meets your requirements is our number one priority. We will seek solutions in your area which best fit your circumstances and the length of time you need accommodation for.


We are here to help accommodate you Emergency Housing London. Finding a suitable accommodation option that is within your preferred area is important to us


Sometimes your accommodation options may be limited by what is available in your chosen area, by the terms of your insurance policy or by the fact that some accommodation will simply not allow pets. Nonetheless, we will endeavour to find you as many suitable options as possible in your area. If available options in a particular area are limited, often increasing the area in which we can search will provide more or better solutions.



Alternative Accommodation Agency take on every new client’s situation with a fresh perspective, assessing each customer’s requirements on an individual basis and acting upon your needs. Customer Service Excellence is something that we take very seriously so you can be sure that the service you get from us is specific to you and your individual circumstances and is delivered promptly.