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Aug 25

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If your lease is ending soon and you’re planning to move, make sure the place is as clean as can be before leaving. One of the most common reasons landlords claim for retaining part of your deposit is the “mess” left behind by the tenants. To prevent that from happening, and make sure everything goes smoothly, find a cleaning service in Glasgow to handle the cleaning. That’s where we come in. Cleanifiq is the leading marketplace for cleaners, where you can specify what needs to be done and be sent quotes, from which you can then choose your favourites. It’s that simple. 

Of course, our affiliated cleaning companies in Glasgow will offer you all the necessary documents, certifying that professionals have handled the matter. You will be guaranteed a high standard of cleanliness, equal to or higher than the one present when you moved in, ensuring you get your full deposit back. All you’ll have to do is offer a description of all that needs to be done, with photographic examples. Accuracy at this point will ensure your previous place of living is adequately clean, in the timeframe you need. Although you could do it yourself, part of your deposit is on the line – so make sure it’s a risk you’re willing to take, as deep cleaning is both time-consuming and challenging to get right. 

Find out more information on our website here or at cleanifiq.com.


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